Meet our entrepreneurs

Golden Mushroom

Golden Mushroom is an eco-friendly urban mushroom farm supplying local markets in Mosul with delicious, nutritious and fresh mushrooms all year round.
Mushrooms have a very high protein content, can compensate for meat and are a great source of vitamin D.
The spent mushroom substrate is a great soil amendment for gardeners and farmers.

Mohammad Jamal




Al-Shimal Factory

To protect athletes and especially children from injuries, Al-Shimal Factory works on producing rubber mats and floorings for gyms and public and private playgrounds.
The rubber mats are made from rubber powder produced from waste tyres, which contributes to environmental protection and generates a positive environmental impact.

Ali Kamil



Dr. Waste for Recycling

Dr. Waste specialises in organic waste management. It manufactures and sells decentralised composting units for household and private users, offers organic waste collection services and produces high-quality compost for agricultural purposes.
Additionally, by offering trainings the company aims to create awareness on waste management issues, encourage organic waste segregation and it wishes to connect various stakeholders via a planned online platform.

Mohammed Alkhateeb


Golden Star

Golden Star turns your trash into treasure. It is a social business specialised in the upcycling, recycling and repurposing of recyclables into beautiful and decorative traditional and modern handicrafts. It works to empower young, creative people in Iraq by embracing their ideas and providing a platform to present themselves.

Mohammad Alwan




Eco-Friends is an online market place for durable, eco-friendly products and second-hand goods in Basra, Iraq.
The start-up makes available a variety of eco-friendly products such as reusable fabric shopping bags, metal straws, skincare and body products, etc. To contribute to minimising solid waste generation, it will enable customers to return durable products to be sold as second-hand goods.

Budoor Alsaadi



Green Garden

Green Garden is a young composting business contributing to tackle the organic solid waste challenge faced in Mosul, Iraq. The start-up offers organic solid waste collection services and processing it into a valuable vermi-compost (liquid and solid fertilizer) that is in high demand by gardeners, local farmers, owners of agricultural materials stores and nurseries.

Abdulqadir Hasan Ali


Eng.Medical Waste Solutions

Eng.Medical Waste Solutions is a start-up company specialized in managing medical wastes and training staff of dental clinics, healthcare facilities and laboratories in properly dealing with different medical wastes. The start-up distributes bins and waste-specific disposal bags for the safe collection, transport and disposal. In future, establishment of a treatment facility for different medical wastes is planned.

Lubna Ayad Jaber

+964 7722807467



The Wastepreneur platform is supported by the “Private Sector Development & Employment Promotion (PSD) Project” in Iraq. The PSD project is co-funded by the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany. GIZ has been commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).